Our team
London, UK

Nadezhda Trokhan-Abela

Foundation founder, model, businesswoman and mother of two babies. Nadezhda was born and raised in Tver, where in August 2015 she created a charitable foundation to help children. During the last 10 years Nadezhda has actively participated in charity events in Russia and abroad, and now conducts these events in support of her foundation to help as many children in need as possible
Tver, Russia

Yulia Trokhan

Foundation Director. She has been volunteering since 2014, helping seriously ill children. Julia is responsible for all the activities of the foundation: she interacts with medical institutions, doctors and parents. "For me, as a mother of two children, the most important thing is the health of children, so working in the foundation is more than just a job…"
Our supporters
The Board of Trustees of a charitable foundation oversees the activities of the foundation. Its members provide advice and guidance, help with finances, connections and can be directly involved in all of the foundation's activities, events and programmes. Our board of trustees is made up of the following individuals:

Ekaterina Kutayeva

Katerina takes an active part in the foundation's activities, helping to organise events held in Russia. Together with the founder of the foundation, Nadezhda, they studied at the same school, and their relationship is not only a strong friendship, but now also co-operation in the charity sector. Ekaterina provides invaluable assistance in various areas of the foundation's activities

Tatiana Lewin

After graduating from Moscow State University 22 years ago, she moved to London, where she worked in a banking structure for more than 11 years. She then obtained a Master's degree in Fine Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art. Since 2014, she has been living in New York, where she is actively involved in charity work, including supporting our foundation

Alexei Markov

Russian film actor. He has three higher education degrees, teaches acting at GITIS, and conducts trainings on assertive behaviour in stressful situations abroad and in Russia (www.alexeimarkov.com). Since the first day of the foundation's work, Alexey has been actively helping to organise events and donating part of his fees to children in need

Anastasia Khozisova

Russian top model from Saratov, long time resident of New York and more recently in Milan. Anastasia is the muse of Ralph Lauren. In 2014 she organised a charity project to deliver drinking water to developing countries. She constantly supports various charity events, including all international events of our foundation

Kirill Nesterenko