The operating room of the neurosurgical Department of the Children’s regional clinical hospital received new expensive equipment for complex cranial interventions-craniotomy. The use of this equipment helps to reduce the time of brain surgery by several hours, thereby improving the prognosis of recovery in closed craniocerebral trauma.

Since this equipment is not included in the standards for equipping neurosurgical departments – its purchase was paid for by the Nadezhda Charitable Foundation, which in January this year already made a gift to the Children’s regional clinical hospital by purchasing a set of surgical instruments.

The administration of the Children’s regional clinical hospital in the person of the chief doctor Zaytseva Anna Vasilyevna thanks the Founder Of the charity Fund for children “Hope” Nadezhda Abel And the Director of the Fund Yulia Trohan for the purchased for the GBU DOCB kraniotom.

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