Dear parents!

If your child needs medical care, you can always contact us: we will do everything in our power.

Please see the list of documents required to apply for assistance (payment for treatment, surgery, medications or rehabilitation):

  • Letter to Director Frolova G.F. requesting help with a detailed description of the current situation. A detailed story in free form: Part 1 - the story about a child (specify name and date of birth) and his/her disease, diagnosis, treatment, operations, how health has changed during this time. Part 2 should include: justification of inability to pay for treatment (parents’s palces of work and their salaries, family members); request for help. Be sure to include postscript: “To find a charity aid I authorize you to use documents, including medical records and photographs in media, including internet”. The letter must be signed by you personally.
  • Extract from medical history, confirming the diagnosis and need for what you are asking in the letter.
  • Application to Fund with the specific request to pay for the treatment, surgery, expensive medicines, wheelchairs, prostheses, etc., with an indication of the value according to the invoice
  • Contract with a clinic (on surgery). Invoice for treatment or rehabilitation from Hospital with contact data, bank account details (if you need medicines, indicate exact dosages, name of the manufacturer)
  • Official papers about the lack of a quota for the treatment from the relevant health authorities (ministry, department, committee) of Russian Federation.
  • Phone number, name of the physician (who is able to give comments).
  • Information on the family composition (original). Information on income from the place of employment of parents (or guardians) for the last six months. If you do not work, submit copy of labor book’s first and last pages), or papers from local authorities of social protection on the material situation of the family.
  • Birth certificate of the child (passport if a child is older that 14).
  • Copy of certificate of disability of the person in need of assistance (if any)
  • Complete mailing address, contact numbers; email.
  • Color photos (of good quality, close-up, informal) of the child in need of assistance
  • Copy of the passport of one of the parents - all completed pages; tax payer’s number. Number of state insurance pension certificate
  • Information about where else you haverequested assistance, where information requesting help was posted, and where assistance was denied and for what reason (a separate file).
  • Letter and documents must be sent (preferably by registered letter with acknowledgment) to the following address: Office 15, Building 1, Simeonovskaya Ulitsa, 170100 Tver by e-mail to


  • financial aid is only to pay for treatment (medication, prosthetic devices and so on.) or a rehabilitation
  • assistance is provided to Russian citizens for treatment in Russian hospitals on the types of care that cannot be provided via quotas.
  • applicants approved for assitance should not collect donations in privately and in social media (collection of funds is possible in cooperation with other foundations)