Gifts eve of knowledge Day

Friends! We have great news! On the eve of the day of knowledge, the Fund received a transfer of 10 500 rubles from students 2 ” B ” class MOE school №50 (Tver). We are eternally grateful to the class teacher 2 “B” – Svetlana Panskaya, class students and their parents for kindness, responsiveness, mercy! In the near future, the Fund will purchase a children’s wheelchair Akcesmed RACER, worth 68 000 rubles, for 15-year-old Roksana, a girl left without parental care and living in the intensive care unit of the Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital. Unfortunately, Roxanne is completely paralyzed, but at the same time the girl has a lively mind, she is educated in the walls of the hospital, very cheerful and sociable.
The Foundation team and Dr. DOKB say “thank YOU” to everyone!