Experimental class. About the lives of special children.

In appearance, boarding school No. 2 is no different from a normal school: the same long corridors, offices of mathematics, Russian language, music. However, children are studying here is unusual, with features. Among the students there are children with mental retardation, musculoskeletal disorders, speech disorders, hearing impaired and totally deaf children and autistic children.

A new class of wheelchair

I waited for the principal Vera Shirokova in her office. A pleasant woman, with an open and positive attitude and Outlook on life, such a person can give hope to someone who almost lost it.

Vera Vasilyevna previously worked in an ordinary school. However, in 2011 she came to work at boarding school No. 2. As she says, at that time, the local children were considered a kind of hooligans, the main problem of which is bad behavior. However, with the advent of new circumstances, everything changed.

– When I came, it happened that we were included in the program “New school”, – says Vera Shirokova. – Major repairs have begun. We left with children practically in the wood, two years lived in marching conditions-sanatoriums, children’s camps. Where we only not studied! And it so United these different and difficult children that they looked at this world with different eyes. Saw, that can be another life, far more interesting.

The following circumstances also affected the guys. In 2015, a group of wheelchair users grew up in the rehabilitation center. They also had somewhere to learn. Parents began to look for a way out, wrote a letter to the Governor. Was been decided in school-boarding # 2 take this the most experimental class. The answer was for the Director.

– I did not dare for a long time, – Vera Vasilyevna shares. – At us the main group of children was with a delay of mental development. I understood that a student with mental disorders and a disabled child are completely different people. I went to Church to father Leonid, shared my worries, asked for advice. And he said to me, “Go quietly and work.”


Is there a difference? There is no difference!

So, on September 1, the boarding school was replenished with children in wheelchairs. The Director gathered her old students and said: “Guys, now we will learn special children. At first it will be especially hard for them, they really need your help and support.” The students took the request seriously and began to take care of the newcomers: they played together, accompanied everywhere, drove in wheelchairs.

Warm relations have guys persisted and to this day. Both needed each other badly. These children have erased the line that is so characteristic of teenagers. They do not believe that a child in a wheelchair and one who looks at the world differently because of mental characteristics are different.

– In the previous school, where I worked, there were several children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, – says the Director. “Oh, how we suffered! The matter is that other pupils didn’t recognize them, tried to scoff in every possible way, to kick. Quietly pass could not, necessarily need was push. Parents were crying, was picked up from school. It was very hard! Now they have successfully graduated from University, found a job, started a family. Here, the guys do not notice the difference. They’re family.

As Vera Shirokova said, such special children must be socialized, they need to engage in creativity and sports. At school, children successfully play football, do judo, choreography, sign singing, make flowers, visit a pottery workshop, a circle “Merry lozhkari”.

Charity funds do not leave the school without support. So, “Nadezhda” annually acquires strollers for students, organizes various events, awards the best.


For the 4th time at the stadium “Chemist” was held a charity tournament on mini-football for the Cup of the Foundation “Hope” among the teams born in 2008 and younger. The tournament is organized with the support of PFC “Zenit” and personally spouses Sergey and Anna Semak. The event has become an annual and loved by young athletes.

This year, seven teams from the Tver region competed for the main prize – a trip to St. Petersburg to the training base of the blue-white-blue. According to the results of the games, the team of Tver boarding school No. 2 became the best.

As promised, 12 guys got their long-awaited prize-a day with professionals from FC “Zenit”. The boys were able to see firsthand such stars as Malkov, Ivanovich, Lunev, Ozdoev, Driussi.

Special emotions were waiting for the young players from the meeting with the head coach of Zenit Sergey Semak. The guys, armed with notebooks, received the long-awaited autographs, arranged a selfie-photo session with the idol and even as journalists asked the coach a question in the press center.


School: recess, bell, bustle

There are 264 children studying here. The Director calls this figure right off the bat, without thinking for a second. She knows every student by sight. I was convinced of this during our walk around the school.

“Utkin, what did I say?” I’ll take your phone! Vera warned. – Dima, I corrected the score? Nastya, Hello, Hello, dear.

Children greeted, someone even in a family hugged the beloved Director.

During recess, we went to one of the classrooms. The boys, in and out of strollers, were playing with enthusiasm. Introducing me to the guys, the Director pointed to one of the boys:

“It’s Nikita. Came to us very young, was sitting in a wheelchair. And now I’m telling him not to run around the corridors!

The class bell rang. As in any school, the boys began to fuss, preparing for, and then completely disappeared at the offices. We with Director of have gone on lesson physical education, and then and music.

The guys were distracted from the next task, looked at us curiously. Ordinary guys. The same jokes, the same laughter and the look that only children look at the world with.

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