Collection for Kirill Katunin is closed!

Friends! In this difficult time, our Foundation tries to continue to help its wards. And only thanks to your donations, we can not stop the work of the Foundation. Today, the Foundation team says a BIG THANK you to Yulia Morozova for her help, because thanks to her donation, we were able to purchase a Start 4 exercise bike for Kirill Katunin worth 74,400 rubles.
Recall, Kirill Katunin (born in 2009, Volgodonsk)
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, previously organic CNS damage, spastic tetraparesis, symptomatic epilepsy.
From my mother’s letter: “We traveled half the country to help our baby! The results of course are there: we started to hold our heads better, take objects with our hands, new words appeared: mother, give, Baba. The baby began to walk with support. And how much he enjoys walking, you can not even imagine! Kirill is a very sociable and active boy. With delight, he kicks the ball and runs after the boys. We move our small feet in the air, stumble, but still move forward! A year ago, on the advice of doctors, we performed an operation on the legs. There were very high hopes for this operation, but something went wrong. The tendon on the left leg is very tight. It does not allow the baby to fully straighten the leg and he always takes care of it, and keeps it in a bent state.At the next examination of the orthopedist, we were told that the leg needs to be developed daily, otherwise a repeat operation is inevitable! Now we are engaged in physical therapy with Kiryusha, swimming, applying therapeutic mud. The doctor advised us to buy an exercise bike urgently . Now this simulator is vital for the baby. This miracle simulator develops the joints, muscles and all ligaments of the legs.”
Mother brings up her son alone, there is no help from anyone.

We hope that the simulator will soon bring positive results in the development of Kiryusha.