Charity against cancer

On August 29, at the V. p. Avaev medical center, the Nadezhda charitable Foundation and its founder and friend of our newspaper Nadezhda Abela handed over vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer, to 75 girls from foster families.

The Avaev center is engaged in the protection of women’s health. And HPV vaccination is primarily about reproductive health. Today, you can make such a vaccination up to forty years, thereby protecting yourself from a terrible cancer. The link between cervical cancer and the human papillomavirus was discovered in the 1940s, and the mandatory HPV test has reduced the incidence of this type of cancer in developed countries by 70%. Vaccination reduces the incidence to zero. In any case, in Australia, where both girls and boys are vaccinated against HPV, they expect to completely eliminate the incidence of cervical cancer in girls by 2030. Unfortunately, in Russia, this vaccination is not included in the number of mandatory. HPV vaccine is not produced in our country, and since August 1, due to the growth of the Euro, its price has increased by 30%. Charity Fund “Hope” managed to buy vaccines at the old price. This is not comparable – the cost of the vaccine and the cost of saved lives and preserved health. Purchased the vaccine is tetravalent, it acts on four kinds of virus. A nine-valent vaccine has already appeared in the US, but it is not yet licensed in Russia.

Karine Konyukhova, chief physician of the center named after Avaev, recalled that Tver businessman Vasily Petrovich Avaev was the man whose money in Tver was built the first hospital, where they began to treat the poor residents of the city for free. And Nadezhda Abela, a native of Tver, who made a career in England as a model, and now helps Tver hospitals, children’s institutions and so on, is his successor. Hope Abela promised that help in the purchase of HPV vaccines will be annual.

Just before the meeting at the Avaev center, the government of the Tver region discussed improving the provision of medical care to children. Tatiana Nikitina, who in the Ministry of health of the Tver region oversees motherhood and childhood, and the chief doctor of the regional children’s hospital Anna Zaitseva were also present at the transfer of the vaccine. On September 3, a large landing of Moscow professors and specialists of the Avaev center worked in Zubtsov, conducted Express screening of cervical cancer, field consultations. On September 4, the all-Russian educational project from the capital’s professors “Zhenprosvet” and the clinic of women’s health of the Avaev center under the leadership of Tatiana Kazaishvili held a conference ” Women of different ages between onconebrezhnostyu and onkophobia: how to prevent cancer?”.

Maria Orlova

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