Fundraising for sisters Sudilovskie is now

Thanks to our fundraising dinner in Tver , Russia last week we could fully cover rehabilitation to this two beautiful sisters Sudilovskie and in May they are going to rehabilitation clinic in Evpatorei! We thanking everyone who continuously support our foundation and children we look after

One Day Etiquette by Emma Dupont

What an incredible One Day Etiquette course by Emma Dupont thank you Elena Rowland for organising it and all ladies who came to learn and also support my foundation for children

Fundraising for Madlena is CLOSED now

Dear friends, we are happy to share good news that thanks to your donations and fundraising of our foundation we were able to add 40 000 rubles to Madlena Romanovich rehabilitation in “Sakura” Center in Chelyabinsk and on 17th of February she will be going for a 3 week course and we really hope it … Read more

Fundraising for Yura Zaharov is now CLOSED

Dear friends We have wonderful news,that thanks to donation of Severovix Family we could fully pay for rehabilitation course of Yura Zaharov and on 8th of March 2017 he will be going to Shamarin Rehabilitation Centre in Klin. We wish him a progress and strength through his rehabilitation and Thank Marina and her husband for … Read more

Christmas holidays

During Christmas period we organised small, sweet presents for nearly 100 children, who study at “Vishnevolozkaya boarding school 2” where mostly live and study children, who have no parents! We thank everyone, who is helping and supporting our programmes