Fundraising for Morozova Zlata is now closed!

Dear Friends, we start 2018 with good news -another rehabilitation is now have been payed for Zlata Morozova and on 15th of January she will be going to medical center “Sakura” for her rehabilitation treatments in Chelyabinsk. We want to express our gratitude for your continuous support of children in our foundation

Fundraising for Lemehov Stepan is now closed

Before New Year holidays we payed for rehabilitation course of Stepan Lemehov from Torzhok. He is undergoing his treatments in “Center of medical technologies and rehabilitation’s “ in Tver. We hope those courses will improve little boys health further..Thank you all for your continuous support

Ladies Lunch in London on the 1st of June 2017

15 300£ was raised with support of all our beautiful girlfriends, who helped celebrate International Children Day in most meaningful way-supporting leads privileged kids. After Ladies Lunch our foundation payed for Liza Kozhevina rehabilitation and we were able to purchase two Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe floor sitter and it will be delivered to medical and … Read more

Fundraising for Bobrova Maria is now CLOSED

Dear Friends, we have good news-fundraising for Maria Bobrova is now CLOSED and on Monday 22d of May she will be going to rehabilitation clinic in Yoshkorala . We wishing her continuous health improvement

Cooking master class “Look and Cook” by Yulia Evlahova

Dear Friends, after a great cooking master class “Look and Cook” by Yulia Evlahova we could raise enough funds to pay for rehabilitation course for Liza Makarova, who is going to “Shamarin” rehabilitation clinic in Klin. We thank everyone for support and participation!

Fundraising for Kuznetsov Ivan is now CLOSED

Dear friends, we have good news: yesterday our foundation paid for rehabilitation course for Ivan Kuznetsov, who will be going to “Shamarin” rehabilitation clinic in Klin from 15th of May till 2d of June . We really hope it will help him in his health and wellbeing improvement! Thank you all for making it happen

Fundraising for sisters Dokshini is now CLOSED

Dear friends,we have amazing news-another fundraising for this lovely girls-sisters Dokshini is now closed! From 17th of April they are going to rehabilitation centre “Shamarin” in Klin city to undergo much needed rehabilitation -thank you everyone for your continuous support! Fundraising is CLOSED

Fundraising for sisters Sudilovskie is now CLOSED

Thanks to our fundraising dinner in Tver , Russia last week we could fully cover rehabilitation to this two beautiful sisters Sudilovskie and in May they are going to rehabilitation clinic in Evpatorei! We thanking everyone who continuously support our foundation and children we look after

The festival for children who can not hear in St.Petersburg

Happy for this children under our care, who participate in music festival for children who can not hear in St.Petersburg and came back home with diplomas, new experience and wish to achieve more in their talents ! Thank you everyone who supporting fond “Nadezda”