Cash Collection for Semyon Matveev is closed!

Friends! On the eve of the New year, the charitable Foundation “Nadezhda” and its friends realize dreams. For Semyon Matveev’s family, a trainer-rider rider for hippotherapy s-rider sky was purchased at a cost of 62 900 rubles. This gift we were able to make, thanks to the donation of a friend of the Fund and just a very kind and beautiful girl-Elena, who almost completely closed this application.
Briefly about Semyon, an excerpt from a letter from his mother: “Semka was born in 0 points, cardiac arrest for more than 3 minutes, coma, convulsions, cerebral hemorrhage. There were no chances, no forecasts..But I promised my son that we would win, we would manage!!! Endless rehabilitation gave the result. Semka is preparing for school, reads syllables, believes, churchgoers for the handle and a bit himself, with my insurance. We Syomka have a dream, or rather a goal!!! In the first class go legs! Semka really needs an exercise bike for home rehabilitation..Hippotherapy is very effective in cerebral palsy, but unfortunately I am allergic to horses…”. We say thank you to the beautiful Elena for such a necessary and timely gift for Semyon!