Matvey Baschuk – cash collection is closed!

Matvey Baschuk (born 20.10.2008, Tomsk) Diagnosis: cerebral palsy.
From my mother’s letter: “I am the mother of a special boy Matvey. He is 11 years old and every year he becomes more and more special. We had a very difficult birth and asphyxia occurred resulting in the death of most of the brain. Resuscitation, convulsions, pain and disappointing diagnoses. I didn’t even know it happened then. Cerebral palsy of the most severe form, without hope for mental and physical development. The first years were what we could specialists, massages, gymnastics all that was in our power. Every year the number of cases became more and more. 8 years to put a gastrostomy tube in 9 tracheostomy. Anyone have experience with this that knows how to live with it, how much supplies you need. Plus pain syndrome, dystonic attacks, thrombocytopathy… Though the experience is not an easy life would love a good stroller Hongo Bingo. It is specially designed for children with cerebral palsy, helps to properly distribute the load from the curved muscles of the back, you can choose the right sitting angle, seat depth, in accordance with all orthopedic pathologies of the body.”
The amount to be collected is 221 000 rubles.

Сash collection is closed!