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Dmitry Shestakov (21.09.2014 year of birth)
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
From my mother’s letter: “Dima was born at 34 weeks of pregnancy. Two days on a ventilator, after two weeks spent in the Department of premature babies. In 6 months Dimochka not sitting and not crawling, we sounded the alarm. After 4 months of various examinations Dima was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic diplegia). We began to study hard. The results were not long in coming. A year and a month, after a course of Vojta therapy Dima crawled. We have been rehabilitating Dima on our own for several years. We undergo treatment every 1.5-2 months. Thanks to diligent and, almost, continuous occupations Dima perfectly recovers. Dima’s intellect is not affected, and he understands everything perfectly, he is developed by age. Now Dima is 5 years old, and he is just starting to take independent steps, he attends kindergarten and asks us: “Why can’t I walk so beautifully?»
Doctors are convinced that it is possible to significantly reduce the degree of disability of our son, or even eliminate it.”
Collection in the RC “Galileo” – 120 000 rubles (January 2020)

Сash collection is closed!