4 years – 20 million

It was for this amount that the “Nadezhda” Charitable Foundation was assisted.

In November 2019, “Nadezhda” Charitable Foundation, created by Nadezhda Abela, re-called concerned Tveri residents to raise money for seven-year-old Milana Tokareva, suffering from a severe form of epilepsy. To study under the first grade program, she needed a specialist wheelchair. 125 thousand rubles were collected in three hours.

The end of the year is a time of summing up for any projects, and for charities including. Tverityanka Nadezhda Abela has made an international career as a model, now living in the UK. The founder of the “Nadezhda” Foundation has firmly learned British approaches to the non-profit “third sector,” which includes charity. This is social entrepreneurship, which also has its own performance indicators.

Specialized car, which the fund purchased for the Tverskoy school № 2 (1 720 000 rubles)

What the “Nadezhda” Foundation has done can be seen with its own eyes. Thus, thanks to the care of “Nadezhda”, classes for children with cerebral palsy began to be opened in Tver. By 2016, nearly half a million cities had no class where such children could study and socialise. The appearance of such an opportunity immediately began to give even purely medical results – some children began to walk independently. The “Nadezhda” Foundation raised funds for a specialized children ‘s playground at the Children ‘s Neurological Center on Sofya Perovskaya Street. The environment in front of schools and hospitals is being improved. Within the framework of cooperation between the “Nadezhda” Foundation and the Rea-Billing Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities, the Fund purchased equipment for a total cost of 120 thousand rubles.

Well-known entrepreneurs of Tver and Russia become partners of the fund. Thus, Dr. Fomin ‘s clinic, which is now one of the leading centers dealing with women ‘s reproductive health, convinced of the effectiveness of spending funds by the “Nadezhda” Foundation, decided to carry out its charitable project together with this foundation. The staff of the clinic refused the New Year corporate, and the money was transferred for the purchase of medical simulators for the Tverskoy School No. 2, where children with difficult diagnoses, who need special physical development, study.

At the charity evenings that Nadezhda Abela arranges in England, the fees are much higher than in Tver. There charity is so accepted that even in questionnaires for admission to universities ask: “What charitable funds do you help?”

“Nadezhda” is a charitable foundation that is now helped by both the English and Russians. The daughter of medic Nadezhda Abela is aware of the systemic problems of Tverskoy medicine. Now, together with the Avayev Medical Center, the foundation created by Nadezhda Abela is implementing a program to vaccinate girls from foster families against the human papilloma virus. Vaccines worth more than 1 million rubles were purchased at the expense of the fund.

Charity galas dinners, lunches, Ladies “Lunch, marathons, concerts and other secular events hosted by Nadezhda Abela in Tver also carry out an important social mission. They help shape the very civil society in the Tver region that is so strong in England. On November 20, entrepreneurs, as well as their wives and daughters, heads of state institutions, well-known doctors, figures of culture and arts gathered in the hotel “Governor,” with a story about which we started our article. Nadezhda Abela herself sold tickets to the charity lottery, played prizes provided by sponsors. Representative offices of world-famous brands, such as Mercedes Benz, and small local companies responded.

The team of the “Nadezhda” Foundation represented by Nadia Abel, Julia Trohan, Anastasia Linskaya, Dmitry Trohan, as well as trustees Catherine Kutayeva and Kirill Nesterenko express gratitude to all guests, friends and partners. During the four years of operation, the Fund provided assistance to children in the amount of more than 20 million rubles, assistance was received by hundreds of children and children ‘s medical institutions of Tver and Tver region.

Nadezhda Abela and her associates hope the new year will bring them new business partners and friends. Project work to help children is ongoing.

Author: Maria Orlova

Source: http://biz-terr.ru/4-goda-20-millionov/