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Charity Fund for children “Nadezda”

Charity Fund for children “Nadezda” was registered in August 2015 in Tver, Russia and its main purpose is helping vulnerable children in two main directions: medical help to children with different illnesses and disabilities and financial support to gifted children (grants for further education)

Founder Nadezda Abela was born and raised in Tver. Although now living with her husband and children in UK, she is still very involved in local community. In the past 10 years Nadezda has been involved in different charities all over the world and 2015 saw her opening charity for children in her home town, helping children from all over Russia.


  • Organisation of medical and social support for children in medical centres and home
  • Medical operations and rehabilitation process for children
  • Support to gifted children in subjects like art, music, math and science
  • Helping schools, which work with children who have disabilities by providing medical equipment for classes